Here is a single player version of the game Pente for Windows PC platforms:


The adjacent picture is a link to a full size image of the game being played for reference.

For a summary of rules, see this document: Rules.html

Below is a link to a compressed file containing the installer program for the game, its help file, and a few sample saved games - just run the Setup.Exe once uncompressed.

  It can also act as a client via TCP and a server (included) or another instance for networked two player games.  


This version is based on one started for two players at Tulane in 1980 in Pascal on a VAX using a VT100, extended at MIT in 1989 for one and no players, using UNIX and the curses library in C, and most recently, using C++ for color bitmap rendering and mouse input control.

Currently this project is under development so the skill level settings accessed by the menus have little effect.