This is a collection of animations for some tokamak plasma models created using custom object drawing class library.

Here are 270 rays in motion to roughly represent deuterium and tritium ions within toroidal confinement. Though the background for this illustration is transparent, most links refer to those with solid backgrounds. 

This group has 36 unique frames saved in a variety of formats and durations.

136K Tokamak-3-50-ms.gif
136K Tokamak-3-30-ms.gif
120K Tokamak-3-30-ms-tr.gif
136K Tokamak-3-20-ms.gif
136K Tokamak-3-10-ms.gif
136K Tokamak-3-nodelay.gif

This group has 18 unique frames also saved in a variety of formats and durations.

Tokamak-0.gif 36K
Tokamak-0-nodelay.gif 36K
Animate-0.avi 17M 9M
Tokamak-0.avi 9M 64M