Daniel D. Badger

Rancho Adolfo 

Camarillo, California 

Voice:   650-468-3500

Email:   badger@ordinus.net


Software engineering, Systems administration, or similar for long term with increasing responsibility in Academic, Development, Research, or Scientific environment.


Systems - Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, 2000 Advanced Server, Professional, XP, NT4, Enterprise, Workstation, 98se, 95; Sun Solaris for Sparc and Intel; Macintosh through OS-X; Turbo Linux Server, Debian, RedHat, Caldera, NetBSD, FreeBSD, HPUX, Ultrix, DGUX, SCO Unix; Athena; Symolics Genera, Lisp Machine; VMS-Vax, RSTS/E PDP-11, DEC-TOPS-10,20, OS/2, DOS; MVS.


Services - Apache; Microsoft IIS, SQL Server, MySql, Postgres; X-Window system, Zephyr, Kerberos; sshd, Samba (SMB); Multiple subnet Routing and NFS configurations; Domain Name Service (DNS) for internal Zones; Multi-platform file sharing and internet connectivity; Mailboxes and Web setups for several users.


Languages - C, C++, MS-DEV, MPW, and Borland, .Net, MFC, Visual Basic, ASP, VBA, SQL; g++ (Sockets), Scheme, GCL, Auto-Lisp, Common-Lisp, Emacs-Lisp, Zeta-Lisp; SH, BASH, TCSH, PERL; HTML, Java, J++, XML; Expect, PASCAL, BASIC, FORTRAN (since IV), COBOL, JCL, Snobol, Algol; Assemblers MAC, DEC-10/20, PDP-11, IBM 360/370, LMI; Intel; SUN, HP, DG, DEC VAX.


Software - Adobe Photoshop; AutoCAD; Microsoft Office Suite (Access, Excel, Word, Power Point, Front Page, Outlook); Macsyma, (Maxima); Mathematica, MathCAD, Origin; X-ToolKit, Tk, Motif; FoxPro, dbase, Oracle, ODBC; X-Circuit; Word Perfect; CGI, Trelix-Web, Dream Weaver, Net Objects Fusion, Quick-Time VR;


Hardware - Ground-up construction of servers, workstations, peripherals, networks, and software for most current platforms and operating systems to suit almost any purpose; Specific low-level applications programming using CTM, DAS-16, SCSI, WORM;


Elementary Physical Object Plotter - Written with MIT-Scheme originally for illustrating particle pathways under various confinements, such as tokamaks or other shapes; similar development underway with Auto-Lisp.


Multi-Instrument Scale and Chord Illustrator / MIDI File Player - Written in C and C++ for Windows (Microsoft Foundation Classes, Help Files), Unix (Emacs-Lisp encapsulated process), and Macintosh (Common-Lisp called application) - simultaneously shows instruments such as guitar, piano, violin, recorder, and sheet-music with specified model scale or chord - currently merging versions for generalized multi-platform builds and use with X.


Volume and Library Catalogue Mechanism - Written in Visual Basic using MS-SQL Server - evolving into event driven database concept from online book-store example; purpose originally to organize several thousand article library. 


StolatPro Investments - Watertown, Massachusetts 2001 - Present
Systems Consultant -- Ongoing network design and configuration of development platforms using RedHat Linux and Windows 2000 to implement a variety of applications involving proprietary database methodologies; Most programming with Visual Basic, C++, HTML, and Shell scripts.


KandaSoft, Incorporated - Concord, Massachusetts 1999
Consultant --Port of in house library suite from MSDEV to HPUX-11; Configuration and installation of related database systems such as Oracle, MySql and Postgres.


Harvest Computer Exchange - Cambridge, Massachusetts 1996 - 1998
Technical Staff -- Diagnosis, configuration and repair of PC and MAC computers and related devices.  Providing some technical, sales, and inventory support; Programming of in-house applications in C; customer software and hardware installation and configuration.


Internet Access Cincinnati - Hamilton, Ohio 1995
Consultant -- Configuration and installation of TCP/IP software for PC and MAC platforms to provide Internet connectivity; Technical Support and Sales; Trumpet WINSOCK and clients, PPP; System Administration, Shells BASH, PERL, EXPECT; HTML.


Brigham and Women's Hospital - Boston, Massachusetts 1993 - 1994
Research Assistant Programmer -- Codeveloped Object Oriented Neuro Electrical stimulation and data collection device software with Borland C++, Turbo Vision, and FoxPro database; Data analysis software with Microsoft C++ and QuickWin; Some UNIX shell scripts; Operation and control of device during Surgery in the Operating Room.


Narayan Systems Consultants - Wellesley, Massachusetts 1992 - 1994
Systems Programmer -- Conversions of Server/Client Data Dictionary from Stratus VOS to new platforms; VAX VMS Task-to-Task, HPUX & DGUX Sockets, C, Emacs-LISP; Shells BASH, CSH, and DCL; Sybase, SQL.


N/Hance Systems, Incorporated - Dedham, Massachusetts 1991 - 1992
Software Engineer -- Implemented Write Once File System for optical WORM drive interfaced through Adaptec SCSI adapter to PC SCO UNIX Sys V and XENIX.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, Massachusetts 1989 - 1991
Systems Manager Programmer for Laboratory of Computer Science -- Created off-line archive retrieval system using C and CSH.  Diagnosed and corrected software bugs in TCSH.  Responsible for upkeep and troubleshooting network printing system.  General system administration, software installation, and porting of BSD Unix network flavored applications such as Zephyr and Kerberos.


GigaMos Systems, Incorporated - Cambridge, Massachusetts 1988 - 1989
Software Engineer Programmer -- Assisted in the development of LISP-Machine architecture add in processor card for MAC; Provided technical support for previous LMI customers; Repaired faulty mathematical routine library; Common and Zeta LISP; Unix Shells; MAC-II; PROM and PAL burning.


Fidelity Investments - Boston, Massachusetts 1988
Night Operator -- Handled reel and cassette libraries for a busy Information Management services Department running MVS on dual CPU IBM mainframe.


Specialized Testing Laboratories - Los Angeles, California 1986 - 1987
Consultant Programmer -- Developed custom database management system for client tracking on PC-XT/AT using Think Pascal.


Boeing Petroleum Services - Harahan, Louisiana 1984 - 1985
Programmer - Developed report generation software for Finance department; Created software for Data-Entry department; Handled transmissions and debugged faulty headers; Harris 1660, REGAL, IBM JCL.


Tulane University - New Orleans, Louisiana 1979 - 1984

Systems Programmer for Physics and Chemistry Departments - Developed real-time interrupt service handler, data collection device controller, file transfer software, graphics routine libraries, many others; DEC System 2060, TOPS-20, Interdata 7/16 & 8/32; FORTRAN IV & 77, Assemblers, BASIC+II, PASCAL.

Systems Manager for Computer and Information Department - Responsible for backups, archive retrieval, printer spooling and maintenance, general advice for users; PDP-11/45-70, RSTS/E, BASIC+II.

Tutored fellow students in Calculus, Computer Science, Astronomy, and Music. 


Tulane University - New Orleans, Louisiana 1979 - 1984
Undergraduate studies in Mathematics and Computer Science.


Harvard University - Cambridge, Massachusetts 1991 - 1993
Continuing education in Mathematics and Computer Science


Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, Massachusetts 1990 - present
Seminars and audits in Plasma Fusion, Molecular Biology, and Mathematics.